Definitions & Glossary of Terms

NMP- Nutrient Management Plan
A written site specific plan that incorporates best management practices (BMPs) to manage the use of manure and other plant nutrients for crop production and water quality protection consistent with the criteria established under Act 38 and Chapter 130b. All CAOs and CAFOs are required to have Act 38 Nutrient Management Plans developed.
CAO- Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation
An animal operation that has greater than two AEUs / acre. All managed ground, both owned and rented, is to be included in this calculation. This program is regulated by the State Conservation Commission
AEU- Animal Equivalent Units
1000 lbs. of live weight of livestock or poultry animals, on an annualized basis, regardless of the actual number of individual animals comprising the unit.
CAFO – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation
Any operation with greater than 1000 AEUs, or is a CAO with greater than 300 AEU.
NBS – Nutrient Balance Sheet
A site specific plan meeting the requirements established by the SCC under Act 38, and used to determine the appropriate manure application rates on importing farms.
OMP – Odor Management Plan
A site specific plan identifying the Odor BMPs to be implemented to manage the impact of odors generated from the animal housing and manure management facilities located, or to be located, on the site. Only CAOs or CAFOs erecting, constructing, or expanding an animal housing facility or manure management facility after an established effective date are required to obtain odor management plans.
BMP – Best Management Practice
A practice or combination of practices, technologies, or standards to manage environmental impacts from agriculture.