Engineering & Land Planning

Topo Site Survey and Topo Site Plan

TeamAg Inc. will use GPS Engineering precision survey equipment to survey the area where the proposed operation is to be constructed, and collect all of the information required for the site plan. This information is used for township or state permits, manure storage designs or Erosion and Sediment Control Planning.


Land Development and Stormwater Management Plans

Each township varies in their requirements for land development. TeamAg can provide an estimated cost for providing land development plans, which meet township requirements after reviewing their zoning and land development ordinances. TeamAg can also prepare stormwater management plans in accordance with local ordinances and in conjuction with an NPDES/PCSM if required.


Erosion and Sedimentaion Control (E&S) Plans/NPDES Permits

For earth disturbance greater than 1 acre, an E&S Plan needs to be approved by the County Conservation District and meet all of the requirements of PA Chapter 102. This plan will show proposed grading, drainage, and E&S controls, including estimated earthwork volumes, and required narrative report with calculations. For sites involving a point source discharge, an NPDES permit is required. This permit includes the preparation of a Post-Construction Stormwater Management (PCSM) Plan which is developed in conjunction with any local stormwater management requirements.


Site Plan with E&S Controls, Drainage and Grading Plan and Earthwork Volume Calculations

For earth disturbance under 1 acre, using information from Topo Site Plan, this plan will show E&S controls, drainage, and grading plan, but without the documentation required for the NPDES permit.


Hydro-geology Work

Often DEP or the local township will require hydro-geological assessments to determine the impacts of a new expansion. Townships often want to know the impact on neighboring wells from a new well. DEP sometimes requires groundwater monitoring wells for livestock expansions. TeamAg can make arrangements with local hydro-geologists for these assessments.


Site-Specific Design for Manure Storage Facilities

DEP Manure Management Manual and the NM regulations require a site-specific design for all manure storage facilities. A PE-sealed drawing, provided by the contractor, is only one part of this design. The site-specific design will include a Geo-technical soils investigation (i.e. test pits), Design Engineer’s report with Operation & Maintenance Plan, plans showing cross-sections, and details for the perimeter drains. After the design is completed, TeamAg will take the design data and accurately stakeout building corners and manure facilities using GPS survey equipment.


Quality Assurance During Construction of Manure Storage Facilities

Nutrient Management regulations require that both the contractor and Professional Engineer certify that a manure storage facility was built according to the design and according to the PA Technical Guide. During the course of construction TeamAg staff will make approximately four to five site inspections for each manure storage facility, and a final inspection in order to sign off on the Post Construction Certification.


Stream Encroachment Permits/Flood Analyses

TeamAg can assist with the preparation of DEP permits association with stream encroachment and obstruction. TeamAg can also determine flooding impacts using HED-RAS if necessary.


Professional Engineer Certification of Existing Manure Storage Facilities