Nutrient Management

Nutrient Management Planning Statement

TeamAg Inc. will develop, update and maintain Nutrient Management Plan that meet any state specific Regulations. As part of the planning process our staff will visit your farm to collect all the necessary information and perform any onsite assessment that may be needed in order to tailor the plan to your specific farm. We can also provide all soil and manure sampling services needed. Mapping for the plan will be completed using the latest GIS technology. Ongoing support for plan updates and record keeping are also available, and recommended.
Once the plan is developed and the landowner is in agreement with the contents of the plan, we will submit the Nutrient Management Plan to the county conservation district for approval. TeamAg Inc. will work with the county Conservation district to seek approval for the Nutrient Management Plan.


Conservation Planning

The TeamAg Inc. staff is certified to develop the NRCS Level Conservation Plans or Ag E&S Plans (a minimum level) as required by some government agencies. We utilize the same soil loss programs and template as USDA/NRCS staff and can complete a full slate of planning to meet EQIP, Ag-Land Preservation or any other program compliance. At the same time we are more than willing to work with you on plans that must only meet the minimum requirements. As part of the development of the Conservation Plan, TeamAg Inc., will visit the farm to meet the operator to determine the goals and objectives and other data needed to develop the plan.


Record Keeping & Plan Implementation

By far these are two most important steps after developing a nutrient management plan. TeamAg Inc. can assist you in BMP design, manure spreader calibrations and crop yield verifications as well as provide you with templates for record keeping and even a fully integrated record keeping with your current GPS guidance equipment with the latest software available.


Advanced Record Keeping and Reporting

Customized record keeping that works for your operation to aid in nutrient management compliance and DEP reporting. Microsoft Excel or AgLeader SMS software is required for advanced record keeping.


Prescription Mapping

Using your field data ( Yield, Soil Types, and Soil fertility from grid or zone sampling) to create management zones where a prescription is made for each field or variable rate application of nutrients or variable rate for seeding.


Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMPs)

CNMP planning is now required as a prerequisite for many Federal programs. This type of planning essentially combines your soil conservation planning, nutrient management planning and manure storage and handling practices into one plan that encompasses your entire farming operation. TeamAg Inc., has multiple staff members who are fully certified to develop and approve your CNMP.


Township / Conservation District / Public Meetings

TeamAg Inc. will provide staff to attend meetings and represent the client, if requested.


CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) Permitting

Whether you are an existing CAFO or new and expanding, TeamAg can complete all necessary documents, planning, notifications and certifications as well as submit the complete application package to the appropriate agencies to see you through from the presubmission meeting to final issuance of the permit, as well as provide ongoing support through the life of the permit.