Value Added Services

  1. TeamAg Consultants view the issuance of permits and the certification of design work and nutrient management plans only as the beginning of a relationship with clients. Our goal is to continually work with our clients to help them extract value from the service we provide through education, direct communication and follow-up.
  2. TeamAg Inc. will attend open houses and trade shows to exhibit the partnership with client. The exhibit will showcase the environmental excellence that the client / TeamAg Inc. partnership has produced, and show that client is the leader in environmentally friendly farming operations.
  3. TeamAg Inc. will facilitate ways to off-set the costs of environmental costs to the client by researching grants and governmental and private cost share assistance.
  4. In areas where research and development are mutually beneficial to both TeamAg Inc. and the client, we will work with the clients staff or other partners on research and development projects.